[Image]   Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity
Discalced Carmelite

"I was thinking of Him while it was
taken so it will bring Him to you."

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was born Elizabeth Catez, July 18, 1880, at the camp of Avor in the district of Farges-en-Septain. She entered the Carmel at Dijon, France in 1901 and died in 1906.

The young musician, Elizabeth Catez, had not only learned from the great lover, Mary Magdalene, to attune her interior ear "to listen to Him who has so much to tell us: (L 164), but also to "turn the eyes of her heart" (L 324) toward the Master's face to learn there, as St Paul says, "the knowledge of the glory of God shining on the face of Christ." This knowledge she also humbly asked for from the other Mary, the mother of Christ, "in the silence of prayer." (L 231)  

"Jahweh, whoesoever looks on you is resplendent!" she loved to repeat in the version she had of Psalm 33:6.

In Carmel she begged the Holy Spirit to let her become for Jesus "another humanity in which He may renew His whole Mystery" (PN15) and to become for others "a sacrament of Christ" (PN 14) "which radiates Him and gives Him." (L 252)

From "Light Love Life, Elizabeth of the Trinity - A Look at a Face and a Heart"
Edited by Conrad de Meester, OCD, and Carmel of Dijon
English Language Translation by ICS Publications

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