the tiny little bird

elizabeth ann stevens, ocds


Once upon a time there lived a tiny little bird. he appeared very ordinary and plain. yet this tiny bird took great joy in life because of two things he loved to do.


                               one was to fly.


                                                         the other was to sing.

   the tiny bird could fly very high over all the creatures of the earth, and in the sky he was free! there were no worries of watching for any of those clumsy, vicious beasts that may harm him. his spirits would soar higher and higher as his little wings carried him up more and more.

   as he flew he would sing, even though it took effort, because to be soaring on the wind and expressing the joy of his heart in song made him feel complete... these were the moments he forgot himself and turned only to God and perceived His majesty. it mattered not he was so small and unnoticed by anyone below. he felt he was dancing in the clouds for the Father, singing praises to Him and offering all of his little being to delight Him.

   the tiny bird truly did delight the Father. to see one of His creatures so immersed in the splendor of His Gifts made His heart overflow with love and mercy. these were the moments the tiny bird felt he had some worth and a purpose in his life.

   one day the he had been soaring so high and singing so long that when  he finally settled to rest he was very, very tired. however he was content and at peace........ and went into a deep sleep after some nourishment.

   he awoke with a great start and a sharp pain, and realized he was sailing through the air! one of the beasts had crawled up into the tree and grabbed him in his teeth and then flung his little body off to capture on the ground!

   with his heart beating wildly the bird struggled to right himself in the air and fly to safety. he managed to get a little way, but it was exceedingly painful and difficult. he could not get very high and finally flopped down into a pile of leaves at the base of a tree.

   at least i've escaped from that beast he thought. he was panting and in pain, and drifted into unconsciousness for a time.

   when the tiny bird awoke, all that had happened came back to him with sickening reality... he did not know what to do! he knew his wing was broken and the rest of his body was aching and heaven only knew what other injuries.

   what will i do, he moaned. i cannot fly, i cannot soar in the heavens and dance in the clouds for my Father! i am no longer of any use. he began to cry. through his misery, he heard a whispering voice, yet there was no one around.

   it must be my imagination, he thought. turning back to himself, he lamented, now there is no joy left in my life or my heart. again, he heard the faint, whispering voice.

   what? he cried out! who are you? what do you want? and he sat perfectly motionless to try to hear the reply.


   it was barely a whisper... but it made the tiny bird's heart freeze in fear. sing? he was helpless, on the ground, with many dangers lurking. he could not sing! one of the beasts would find and consume him!  yet again, a little more audible, sing , whispered the voice.

   the tiny bird sat in agony. his wing was so badly mangled he would never fly again. he had no hope of ever soaring and singing over the earth. sooner or later one of the beasts would find him and he would die.

   he looked up to the heavens and cried out, what am i to do? there is no hope for me! i have no joy left in life!

   to his surprise he heard this:


   My beautiful tiny bird, who has danced and sung for me to give My own heart such joy...

                 you can still sing........

                               sing for Me now, dearest.


   but a beast will hear! he will come and i will die!


My silly tiny bird, your life on earth is nearly at an end, and soon you will be with me always. do you want to prolong your life there a little longer, living each moment in fear and sorrow? or do you want to still sing for Me and bring joy to My heart?

   but the beasts will come, the tiny bird sobbed...


   My dearest little one, your singing will bring you courage, and it will bring joy to My heart and it will glorify Me!





   slowly, the tiny bird began to sing. feebly at first, in such fear and pain. yet as he sang his heart grew light, and he sang stronger and louder. a warmth flowed through his ravaged little body and joy welled within him. he sang and sang, more beautifully than ever in his life! even though he was a rumpled heap in on the ground, he felt he was soaring above the clouds!


   the tiny bird never heard the crunch of leaves behind him. he only knew that his joy suddenly turned to ecstasy, and he was before a brilliant light like thousands of diamonds in the sun. the chorus of countless angels joined in his song, and gentle hands scooped him up and lifted him higher than he had ever been before....

                                                  and he was exalted for all eternity.    


Copyright 1997 by the author. Please do not upload to another site or publish in any way without permission of the author.

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